We offer Health Care Insurance through Carefirst Blue Cross Blue ShieldANTHEM Blue Cross Blue Shield including:

Individual Plans Blue Cross Blue Shild offers coverage for you or your family. These preferred provider organization (PPO) policies as well as HMO plans are offered at a low cost to you. The difference between the 2 companies Carefirst & Anthem depends on your ZIP code and coverage area.

Our agency also offers Health Care Insurance through Kaiser Permanente including:• Kaiser offers one-stop convenience with physicians’ offices, labs, and pharmacy under one roof at many locations including centers in Burke, Springfield, Reston, and Fairfax, Virginia.

For a third option we represent Health Care Insurance throughAETNA which offers Medical, Dental and Vision Discounts.

  • Through the various companies we offer Group Health Insurance Plans that provide flexible policies for employees and specialized plans for employers.
  • Medicare Supplements: make up for the gaps of insurance Medicare does not cover.
  • Dental Insurance: may be purchased individually or in combination with a health insurance policy. Just contact us and we will help you out with Dental coverage.

With these Health Insurance Providers, you are in charge of your health care choices. You choose your doctor, the health plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget and even your premium payment option.

You decide the amount of your health costs to assume, understanding that the more you assume, the less you’ll pay in premiums.

If you have any questions regarding this coverage, please contact us or request a quote.